Will Microsoft Save Silent Hills Video Game Starring Norman Reedus?

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Norman Reedus fans and gamers were super stoked about the upcoming release of Silent Hills but were disappointed when the release was cancelled earlier this month.  The bad news is that Playstation has not changed its mind and the release has been cancelled for good. The good news is that Microsoft is hot for this game is is undergoing an attempt to purchase the rights to it.

Microsoft sees that there is money to be made with the video game and is in talks with the Japanese producer of the game, Konami.  They would love to be able to announce something in June 2015 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

These reports are based on a video from a YouTube channel called The Know.  Watch the video here:


Ok – the source is anonymous but information from the same source has come true in the past.  So there is hope, despite the fact that many consider this to just be a rumor.

What does Microsoft have to say about this?

According to IGN:

“We reached out for clarification and were told “Microsoft does not comment on rumor or speculation.” We have also reached out to Konami and will update you when we know more.”

Norman Reedus fans and gamers all over the world have their hopes up though.  Even if it does mean that they would have to switch from PlayStation to Xbox One.  They were all very disappointed in May when it was reported that the release of the video game was cancelled.  In fact, there was a Change.org petition started to try to get the powers that be to change their mind and release it after all.

Speculation is about all that exists now – that and an anonymous source.  Norman Reedus fans will have their fingers crossed and gamers will have their credit cards ready in the hopes that the game will be released on the anticipated date of March 2016.

What do you think? Rumor or truth?

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