USAF to Deploy F-22 Fighter Jets to Europe

USAF F-22 Raptor/F-22 Fighter Jet

(U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Ben Bloker)

Growing concern among NATO allies regarding the military actions by Russia over the past several months has caused the US to announce a plan to deploy more F-22 fighter jets to Europe in the near future.

F-22’s are the same jets being used in the Syrian and Iraq airstrikes. This is part of the “European Reassurance Initiative” AF secretary Deborah James disclosed earlier today. She continued on to say that “Russia’s military activity in the Ukraine continues to be of great concern to us and to our European allies”.

While the deployment is expected to be a small one, it comes on the coattails of multiple 2014/2015 base closures that came about arguably due to rising costs of keeping military bases open.

No specific date was given for the deployment, but the secretary did say it would be “soon”. The Air Force continues to maintain that such deployments are for training purposes only.

F-22 Fighter Jets capabilities

The F-22’s are preferred combat jets for both air to air and air to ground missions due to their ease of maneuverability and stealth capabilities. The Raptor carries six AIM-120 AMRAAMs and two AIM-9 Sidewinders for air to air missions and two AIM-120s and two AIM-9s in the air-to-ground configuration.

See more from Secretary James on Twitter:

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