Father Of Allison Parker Gets Angry, Says He Will Fight For Stricter Gun Laws

Allison Parker and Adam Ward are remembered

Allison Parker and Adam Ward are remembered

Allison Parker, along with close colleague Adam Ward, were gunned down on Wednesday morning as they were doing a live interview for TV station WDBJ. Disgruntled former employee, Vester Lee Flanagan,  fired shots at the news crew killing both Parker and Ward and seriously injuring the woman being interview, Vicki Gardner. Grieving father, Andy Parker, is now speaking out on gun control. According to Reuters, he is urging that state and federal lawmakers do something to keep those with a mental illness from purchasing firearms.

Allison’s father said that this is a way to honor his daughter’s memory by taking action to keep guns out of the hands of those that are considered mentally unstable.

“I’m not going to rest until I see something happen,” Parker told reporters. “We’ve got to have our legislators and congressmen step up to the plate and stop being cowards about this.”

He also has the support of WDBJ employee Chris Hurst, who is Allison Parker’s boyfriend as well. The two men who loved the TV news reporter the most are now standing together to advocate for stricter gun laws.

According to CNN, Flanagan went out and purchased a gun right after the church shooting in South Carolina. Many details are emerging on what went on in the mind of this man who killed two people in real-time. After the Virginia shootings, he posted his own video on social media from his point of view as it happened. Police say that this killer had a to-do list and knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he wanted it to go. He apparently had anger issues in the past, as former employees have been coming forward to reveal their own stories about him.

Both Allison Parker and Adam Ward’s lives are being remembered and honored by not only those close to them, but also the nation of mourners who have taken to social media to give their condolences. While Vester Flanagan had used social media for evil, thousands of others are now using it to honor these two TV reporters for good.

Vicki Gardner, executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, is said to be resting after having two surgeries. She was shot in the back during this incident, but is expected to recover. USA Today reported that Gardner lost one of her kidneys and part of her colon.

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