Tropical Storm Erika Not Expected To Become Hurricane, May Weaken Before Florida Landfall

Pixabay photo

Pixabay photo

Forecasters are now saying that Tropical Storm Erika is weakening and not expected to become a hurricane after all. According to Reuters, it may even lose its strength almost completely before it makes its way to the South Florida coastline and hits landfall. It was reported earlier in the week that Erika would make its way to the United Stares by Sunday or Monday, and those in its path were urged to be prepared. With the storm dying down, they may be able to breath a sigh of relief for now.

However, Tropical Storm Erika ripped through  the island of Dominica killing 20 people so far. Others that have been reported missing are currently being searched for. As has happened in the past during hurricane season, these tropical storms have lost their strength as they move over the mountains of Haiti, which is good news for Florida.

CNN has reported that 12 inches of rain had fallen in less than 10 hours in Dominica where people lost their lives. On Saturday, Erika is expected to strike southeast Bahamas and a portion of Cuba. The National Hurricane Center put out a warning that there could very well be flash flooding and mudslides.

This unpredictable storm may continue to dump rain across these areas, as well as Florida in the next couple of days. Florida Gov. Rick Scott says that he is concerned about the Tampa area as more rain from Erika could mean flooding as previous storms had already soaked this area. He has declared a state of emergency and those in south Florida are still urged to be prepared for the unpredictable Tropical Storm Erika.

Photo by Pixabay.


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