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Credit for photo given to John Archibald

Credit for photo given to John Archibald [email protected]

Robert Bentley was first elected Governor for the state of Alabama in 2010 and was sworn in on January 17, 2011.  During Robert Bentley’s campaign for Governor, Bentley told people he would not take a salary until the state of Alabama returned to full employment, as of April 15, 2014 tax records show Governor Robert Bentley has kept his promise not to take a salary.

This is the statement published in an article written on April 16, 2015: Bentley said during the 2010 election that he would not accept the $121,000 annual salary until the state returned to “full employment” — a level he defined as a 5.2 percent unemployment rate. The state’s unemployment rate was 5.8 percent in February.

Also during the first campaign of Robert Bentley for the office of Governor, Bentley promised no new taxes and to oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes; Bentley even signed the No New Taxes Pledge by the Americans for Tax Reform.

In 2010 Robert Bentley ran his campaign for Governor, on no new taxes, and he would not take a salary until the state of Alabama returned to full employment, now after being re-elected for a second term as Governor of the state of Alabama, Governor Bentley is breaking his promise not to raise taxes and looking for ways to increase taxes for more revenue for Alabama’s state budget.

Now recently according to social websites such as Facebook and many other internet sources, Dianne Bentley has allegedly filed divorce papers to terminate her marriage with Governor Robert Bentley after 50 years of marriage. This recent news of divorce papers filed by Dianne Bentley, an alleged affair, combined with what Governor Bentleys broken promise of no new taxes could be grounds to have Governor Robert Bentley impeached from the office of Governor.

The question is, is Governor Bentley misunderstood, a promise breaker, an ethics violator, an adulterer, or just deceptive? Check out all the facts for yourself and then make your own conclusion on what should happen next as more news and information surfaces about Governor Robert Bentley and his political and social affairs.

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