Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion has Returned to Work

Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion has Returned to WorkWalter Palmer is known as the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion. After outrage over the death of the celebrity lion, he was forced to close his dental practice. During an interview where he disputed some of the accounts shared about the hunt, he has said that he will return to work soon. This was at the start of the week, and he returned on Tuesday.

Palmer owned a small dental practice in Minneapolis, but it was forced to close its doors last month. After becoming the target of threats and protests, many patients decided to turn away. However, he wanted to return to work, and did so on Tuesday. The dental practice had already reopened in August, without him there. He reportedly rushed inside on Tuesday morning, after being met by a small number of protesters.

The dentist has regularly stated he never knew anything about the celebrity lion. He also says that nobody in his hunting party knew about his name, and dismisses a number of claims that Cecil was left injured and roaming the jungle for 40 hours. Palmer explained in an interview on Sunday that he shot the black-mane lion with an arrow, injuring it. It was located the next day, and killed with another arrow, rather an a gun as was previously reported.

His first day was surrounded with media, but he refused to comment. Even his first patient refused to comment, except to say that he was a patient of Palmer. One protester said that she was there to stand up for the animals who could not do it for themselves. She would not pick on the staff or patients at the dental practice, but was there to “pick on” the dentist.

There are many who believe Palmer acted illegally. Some of the high-level officials in Zimbabwe, where Cecil the Lion was killed, want him extradited to face a trial for his alleged crimes. An unpaid consultant and attorney Joe Friedberg has said that there has been no news from local authorities about investigations since the start of August.

Palmer said that he has not been in hiding, but just been out of the public eye. The dentist who killed Cecil the Lion has returned to work, and continues to work at his practice in Minnesota.


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