Game of Thrones Season Six Spoilers: Kit Harington Reveals Major Spoiler About His Character

Game of Thrones season 6 spoilersIn the latest Game of Thrones season six spoilers, Kit Harington has slipped up. He revealed some major news about his contract and character on the show, and has mixed feelings about it. The information was shared in a Dutch magazine called Humo, which some individuals translated for the rest of the world to understand.

During the interview, Harington was asked about his time on the set of Game of Thrones. He spoke about his contract, saying that now he knows where he stands with it. Continuing on when asked about what it means for his character, he said that he expects to be on the show until he is in his thirties. He is 28 at the moment, which suggests that he will be in for at least two more seasons.

The last few months have been fuelled with questions about his character Jon Snow. Most fans just really want to know whether he will return. The show is now at the point of the current end of the books, and season six is expected to be the first season to completely go off track from George R.R. Martin’s plans. It is the first between season break where book fans have not known the outcome.

While Harington has not said whether he definitely is returning as Jon Snow next season, he has hinted that he will. He is definitely still under contract. It will be good enough for some fans.


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