New Horizons Spacecraft Plutonian Post Card

New Horizons Spacecraft Sends Post Card From Pluto

New Horizons Spacecraft - Pluto

New Horizons Photo Post Card from Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft has sent home a photo postcard from Pluto. What the image shows is a shockingly beautiful landscape of tall mountains and flat plains of ice. The image  was the last taken by the deep-space craft New Horizons as it passed and turned its camera back on Pluto to capture the image from a range of 18,000 miles. Taken on 14 July, the image took 60 days to transmit back to Earth. By design or just good luck, the position of the spacecraft in relation to Pluto and the Sun resulted in an amazing low angle photograph. The height of the tallest Plutonian mountains is shown to be around 11,000 feet, or 3,500 meters. Photos courtesy of NASA and are pubic domain images available on the NASA website. section for New Horizons

The New Horizons mission began on January 19, 2006 and has the goal of helping scientists understand the edge of our solar system. It will do this by making a reconnaissance of the Pluto system. Then the spacecraft will travel deeper into the mysterious and distant Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt is thought to hold secrets of our own solar system formation.

New Horizons Spacecraft

New Horizons Graphic – Headed for the Kuiper Belt in Deep Space

The following YouTube video shows the New Horizon Craft mission to explore the Plutonian planetary system. That means to learn more about Pluto and its moons.

YouTube Video on the mission to explore Pluto and it’s moons. After completion of the Plutonian portion of the mission, New Horizons will continue on to the Kuiper Belt deeper in space. Little is really known about this area. Scientists are as anxious to learn about the Kuiper as they were about Pluto.

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