Are Artificial Sweeteners Making us Fat?

artificial sweeteners

Research on rats has produced results that reinforce previous study’s findings that artificial sweeteners are making us fat. This counter intuitive claim describes how researchers found that rats on a diet of these sweeteners were in fact putting on more weight, over a two-week period, than those fed on a diet containing real sugar.

The consumption of artificial sugars seems to have been confusing the bodies of the test subjects. Blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels were affected and the body’s natural ability to process real sugar was also altered due to the ‘fake’ sugars ingested.

The results were a culmination of 40 years of research from Purdue University, who conducted the research. The team themselves acknowledge that the results go against what common sense would seem to suggest and certainly fly in the face of the beliefs of most dieters, however they are definitive that the results are correct. They explain that the artificial sweeteners are potentially confusing the brain; the usual brain association that sweet tasting foods equal sugar is disrupted. The test subjects simply overate because the brain was not telling them to stop. This over consumption of foodstuffs, combined with the slower metabolism of the artificial fed rats led to weight gain.

Photo credit: by Artondra Hall

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