Game of Thrones Broke Records at the Emmy Awards

Game of Thrones Broke Records at the Emmy AwardsGame of Thrones broke records at the Emmy Awards, winning 12 awards. It gained Best Writing and Best Direction, along with the Best Drama Series award. This is only the second time ever that a fantasy show has won the best drama series award.

Ten years and two days ago, Lost walked away with the Best Drama Series award. It was for its first season, and was not even nominated for the next two years. Despite Heroes being nominated for its first season, it failed to win. Game of Thrones took the title this year for the first time in its five season run.

Peter Dinklage won the award for Best Supporting Actor, giving an emotional thank you speech. The show was also a talking point during one moment with host Adam Samberg thanking George R.R. Martin for revealing that Jon Snow was not dead. The Game of Thrones showrunners sat behind the author, shaking their heads at the comment.

It is not often that the Sci Fi/Fantasy genre does well at the Emmy Awards. Star Trek: The Next Generation was able to walk away with the prize in the past, but the likes of X-Files and the original Star Trek both failed to win despite nominations.

The benefit for Game of Thrones is that the viewing figures are continually growing. People are able to binge all the current seasons in the same time that it would take to watch a couple of seasons of other shows, because the seasons are so short.

Some of the wins were a shock for many. Season five of Game of Thrones has been the most controversial, leaving fans completely divided. USA Today blames the change to the voting system, where the judging was opened to the public. It believes that other shows would have been better suited for the biggest award of the night.

Despite the view, Game of Thrones walked away with the most Emmys this year. It took home four on the night, and eight at the Creative Arts Emmys. The show has broken the record previously held by The West Wing.



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