Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit Construction Starts

Posted September 27, 2015, By Steve Edwards – Travel Reporter for The Daily Voice News

Construction Starts – Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit

Jakarta, Indonesia. After twenty years of delay, construction has started on a Rapid Transit system. Construction on phase one of the first line. Indonesian President Joko Widodo launched the equipment that will drill the underground portions recently.

The Blue Line of the MRT system running from South to North starts near Lebak Bulus. The last Blue Line Station in phase one is at the central roundabout.  When completed, the Blue Line will make a significant difference in traffic congestion. Together dedicated busways, commuter trains, and the new MRT will move millions daily. The phase one of the Blue Line will have 13 stations, of which 6 will be underground. The remaining 7 stations are the elevated type. When phase 2 starts operation the Blue line will have twenty stations.

Jakarta MRT Underground Station

Screen Cap Unground Station – Jakarta MRT Presentation

The Green Line, running West to East, is to have at least twenty-one stations. Construction on this line is to start soon as well. When completed the Green line will have at least twenty stations. The Green Line might even run all the way to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Some significant engineering challenges will need overcoming to complete that phase.

Metropolitan Jakarta has an estimated population of more than 25 million residents. The first elevated toll road opened for us in 1986. Before it opened a drive from the southern edge of the city to the port could take as long as 4 hours. The new rapid transit section would reduce that same trip to less than 45 minutes. When opened the world will hear a giant sigh of relief in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.







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