Visa Free Entry Countries List Doubles For Indonesia

September 27, 2015 – Posted by Steve Edwards – Travel Reporter – The Daily Voice News

Visa Free Entry Countries List to Double

Starting October 2015, citizens of ninety countries can enter Indonesia without a visa. Having more countries on the Visa Free Entry List is due to positive results from previous increases. The result of a review of the number of foreign visitors shows a good increase of foreign visitors. The gain in foreign visitors increase was 3.5 times expectations.

The number of countries listed before was forty-five. Since foreign visitors contribute by increasing the foreign exchange reserves of the Indonesia.  Thus the decision to double the number of countries that will be on the Visa Free Countries list.

The visa-free entry facility likely to be implemented at the three main ports of entry first. If all goes well, as expected, it will be expanded to a larger number of international points of entry.

Various NGO and business associations have heralded this decision. This entry change will make processing of new foreign workers faster and less costly. In the past, new employees had to wait in Singapore for approval and processing of entry visas. This increased new employee processing costs greatly. It also caused cultural problems. Exposing new employees to the model city-state of small Singapore caused unrealistic expectations.

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