Deadly Typhoon Bombards Taiwan Claiming Two Lives And Injuring Hundreds More


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Typhoon Dujuan struck the east coast of Taiwan on Monday night claiming two lives and injuring 324 others. Thousands of residents were left without power and water after the storm ravaged through the area. High winds and sheets of rain hit for about three hours, as reported by CNN.

As flights and trains had been suspended due to the category 4 typhoon, those who were driving or walking to their destinations were being blown off the streets and sidewalks from the 153 mph winds. Those who were hurt in this storm were said to be injured from flying debris and car accidents, according to CNN.

Bloomberg Business had reported that schools and financial markets in Taiwan were forced to close. Storm chaser James Reynolds reported from Suao on the firsthand conditions of the typoon as it was pounding down on that area.

“The rain was swirling everywhere and in that rain and wind was lots and lots of flying debris, which made it very hazardous and, at times, a frightening experience.”

By Tuesday, Typhoon Dujuan was expected to have made landfall in the southeastern coast of the Fujian Province of China, but is reported to have weakened its strength considerably. However, there can still be damaging high winds that could wreak havoc in that area, as well as flooding. USA Today  said that China had ordered thousands of boats out of the water and tourist attractions to close before the storm hit.

Typhoon Dujuan even messed with singer Bon Jovi’s concert tour as he had to cancel both shows on Monday and Tuesday nights in Taipei because of the bad weather conditions. The cancellation notice was posted on his official website.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

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