Hurricane Joaquin Roars Towards Bahamas, May Be Potential Threat To U.S. Eastern Coast



Tropical storm Joaquin has just strengthened into a category 1 hurricane on Wednesday as it roars towards the central Bahamas. A hurricane warning has been issued for that area, according to USA Today.

The center of this hurricane is expected to pass over the Bahamas Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Maximum sustained winds are predicted to be around 75 mph with winds picking up in the next 48 hours.

There is a definite concern that Hurricane Joaquin may be heading to the U.S. this weekend. The threat could potentially affect the eastern coast of the U.S. According to the National Hurricane Center, it is too soon to say exactly how these states will be affected or at what level if it does indeed hit.

“Given that a wide range of outcomes is possible, it is too soon to say what impacts, if any, Joaquin will have on the United States.”

The Weather Channel said that this is the third hurricane to hit the Atlantic in the 2015 season. While it is also mentioned that the forecast is difficult to predict for the U.S. eastern coast, it is advised that those in that area keep a close watch for any potential threat that may be coming their way.

Even if Hurricane Joaquin does not slam into the east, there is always the threat of potential heavy rainfall which could cause coastal flooding, as well as high winds, high surf, and beach erosion. This is considered a large-scale weather pattern surrounding this storm, according to the Weather Channel, and could significantly impact those areas.

Flash flood watches have been issued for New York State and in New England. Rainfall amounts could add up to a potential of three inches in some areas.

Photo by Pixabay.

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