Hurricane Joaquin Upgraded To Category 3, Uncertainty Of Storm Has Eastern U.S. Getting Prepared (Updated)


Hurricane Joaquin has been upgraded to a category three storm as it bears down on the central and southeastern portions of the Bahamas. 20 to 30 inches of rain is possible with winds up to 120 mph.

Weather officials are keeping an eye on this major Atlantic storm as it could very well strengthen to a category 4 in the next 24 to 48 hours. As it is expected move towards the eastern states of the U.S., residents are gearing up for the potential of Joaquin heading their way.

By Sunday, it is expected to be offshore near North Carolina and Virginia. Other states that are threatened are West Virginia, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.

Accumulation of rain is the problem even before the hurricane hits the eastern coastline, according to meteorologist Ginger Zee of ABC’s Good Morning America.The Virginia governor has already declared a state of emergency in that state because of flooding.

A coastal flood watch is in place for New Jersey, which was hit hard three years ago by Hurricane Sandy. The National Weather Service has been keeping everyone updated on the movement and intensity of Hurricane Joaquin.

“Heavy rainfall is forecast over the northeast US over the next 3 days. Heaviest amounts are expected in southern New England where basin average rainfall amounts over 3 inches are expected. Local point measurements could be higher.”


Hurricane Joaquin heading towards Bahamas.

Hurricane warnings have been issued for central and northwestern Bahamas, while a hurricane watch has been posted for Bimini and Andros Island. It is expected to linger in the Bahamas over the next 48 hours. This storm may intensify before it is all over but with the uncertainty of this storm, people in the eastern states are advised to get prepared with first aid kits and three days of food and water.

UPDATE: Joaquin has now been upgraded to a category 4 hurricane, as reported by the National Hurricane Center. This is an extremely dangerous storm that is now passing through the Bahamas and heading southwest. The eastern portion of the U.S. is on alert as Hurricane Joaquin is expected there in a couple of days.

Photos by Wikimedia Commons.

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