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Lost Baggage

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American Announces Lost Baggage Tracking

According to Travel Pulse, American Airlines now offers customers a real-time baggage tracking system online. This makes American Airlines the third American domestic air carrier to offer this passenger comforting ability. In cases of truly missing baggage, this has to rank as an excellent service to American Airlines passengers.

For years, airline customers have been able to track flights online. Flight status checking ability has become accepted as the airline industry standard norm. Passengers can now track their bags, lost or not, in real-time using the main American Airlines website for all domestic flights. Tracking can also be accomplished for international flights where American is the final carrier to the destination.


How to Use the American Baggage Tracking System

To utilize the American Airlines new baggage tracking system a dedicated “Track Your Bags” tab will be utilized. The passengers last name and the locator record number or bag tag number provided at check-in is entered. ┬áThis action instantly provides the last known exact location, between the point of check-in to the point of luggage carousel pickup.


Universal Baggage Tracker Coming Soon

Another related bit of information about baggage locator systems in the works come from the luggage manufacturer “Tumi”, who is expected to unveil its global bag-tracking device that allows a passenger to follow their luggage on any airline, worldwide.



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