Muslims Say Prophet Muhammad Has Made Significant Contributions for All Mankind

Muslims consider Muhammad to be the central messiah and prophet of their faith. They honor him because they say that he has made significant contributions to all mankind.

The Prophet Muhammad is considered to be such a pivotal figure in the Muslim faith that each Muslim purposes to visit Mecca, Muhammad’s birthplace, at least once in their lifetime, no matter the cost or inconvenience of travel.

Blogger Atif Rashid summed up the primary principles that compel Muslims to be so devoted to Muhammad. He says that the prophet’s influence stretches far beyond that of the Muslim faith, that his teachings have impacted every civilization of the world. Those points in Mr. Rashid’s article are micro-summarized below.

Muslims consider Muhammad to be God’s messenger. It is their belief that God has had mercy on mankind, and through that mercy He sent Muhammad to teach men the complete and proper way of life.

Muslims claim that Muhammad is the reason that mankind progressed from cave dwelling into a broad enlightenment of the arts and sciences, math, medicine, economy, architecture, religion, etc. They say that this knowledge was revealed to Muslims and Arabs before it was shared with the rest of the world. They allege that historical evidence supports the theory that all modernization began in the Middle East.

Human Rights Advocate
Muslims believe that the reason the free people of the earth enjoy that privilege is due to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. He taught that all men are equal. They assert that this is true even in the area of women’s rights. They say that women were given equal rights during Muhammad’s time. They also insist that he also advocated for animal rights.

Social Service
Muslims say that Muhammad taught through the Qur’an that it was the government’s duty to take care of the poor, elderly, sick, and orphaned. He also gave instructions to government leaders on how they should conduct themselves before and to the people that they were commissioned to lead.

One thing is certain. No matter whether others agree with them or not, Muslim people revere Muhammad with a passion and ensure through both written and oral traditions that he will always be remembered.


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