Twilight 10th Anniversary: Gender-Swap Version of First Book Announced

Twilight 10th Anniversary: Gender-Swap Version of First Book Announced

Stephanie Meyer has announced a gender-swap version of her first novel for the Twilight 10th anniversary. It all started when her publishers asked for a foreword, but that turned into her imagining Bella as a boy and Edward and Jacob as strong female characters.

The mom of three told Good Morning America that when she originally started writing the new idea. It was only supposed to be one or two chapters, but it turned into a 400-page novel. However, she did say that sequels would likely not follow, nor would there be any movies created showing this version of the story.

This idea came about as Meyer realized Twilight main character Bella was surrounded by strong male characters; almost like superheroes. Bella often became the damsel in distress, and she thought it would be interesting to see it from the other side. How would a male deal with being surrounded by strong females?

Beau will take the place of Bella, with the initial part of the story staying the same. Edward will become Edythe and Jacob will become Julie. As the novel progresses, the storyline changes from the original, since the personalities of the characters are very different. It will give Twilight fans something slightly new to read. The only characters that will not swap genders will be Bella’s parents, who remain as Renee and Charlie. Meyer admitted that when the novel was original written and the time period it is set, the judge would not have awarded custody to a man who did not have a stable job compared to a woman who did.

The new novel will be called Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, and will be available from Tuesday. The front cover will have the traditional Twilight cover, but the back will have a man’s hand with a green apple to highlight the change.



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