Sikh YouTuber Lilly Singh Fights Against Depression and Wins

Popular Sikh YouTuber Lilly Singh, better known as Superwoman, started a video blog to help deal with her depression. Now she has over 6.6 million YouTube subscribers.

The 26-year-old’s success is well envied. She commands a fan base that extends far beyond her Sikh or Punjabi culture. Teen and young adult viewers, regardless of their ethnicity, have kicked her videos up in the range of 860 million total views. In addition, she has met and collaborated with quite a few TV, movie, and online stars.

Singh keeps her videos low budget. She prefers to discuss everyday issues that any young adult or teen might face in real life, but she does so by injecting sarcasm and humor into her topic. She frequently sings, dances, and acts in accompaniment to the message that she is trying to get out.

The YouTuber believes that it is important to be authentic in creating content. She says that despite the entertainment element that she injects she means every word that she says.

Sikh YouTuber Lilly Singh

Sikh YouTuber Lilly Singh found the solution to her depression in vlogging. Photo credit: Instagram/iisuperwomaniil

Because of her battle with depression she understands dark days, and that is why all of her videos contain an inspirational message. Her goal for each one is to always try to make someone’s life better.

Another one of Singh’s goals is to become the face of Indian or South Asian women on the Internet. To accomplish this she handles Punjab and South Asian stereotypes with comedic relief. She wants to give the public an idea of some of the daily struggles that such women face.

Born in Canada, the star maintains a connection with her birth roots – India, Punjabi heritage, and Sikhism. She is deeply devoted to the principles of her faith, even to the point of having its tenets tattooed on her arms. She is also fond of Indian food and traditions.

Singh’s tips to others on how to achieve the same kind of success? Don’t overthink things, figure it out as you go along, and just have fun with what you’re doing.


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