Christians Fight Back: Bring Your Bible to School Day

On Thursday, thousands of students took their Bibles to school in honor of Bring Your Bible to School Day, a national event sponsored by the Focus on the Family organization.

In the wake of public backlash against public demonstrations of Christianity over the last few years, some Christians, young and old, have found a voice and proudly supported the day, flooding social media with photos of students and some working professionals holding their Bibles to show their participation along with the hashtag, #BringYourBibles.

Indeed, some backlash did raise its head again in this case, specifically in the case of the Folsom Cordova School District. School system leaders did approve the event to take place in their system after their attorneys advised them that in not doing so they would give the perception of discriminating against Christians.

However, some parents insisted that in allowing the event to be promoted the district violated the mandate of separation of church and state. Jessica Braverman, director of the Sacramento Jewish Community Relations Council, said that she felt that the flyer promoting the event promoted Christianity over other religions. “It will not only make Jewish children feel uncomfortable, but those that are Hindu, those that are Muslim, those that have pretty much no faith that they practice.”

It should be noted that the event is entirely voluntary and is student-led.

District officials said that they received numerous complaints from parents. Spokesperson Daniel Thigpen rebutted, “This is not a district or school sponsored event in any fashion or form so no students are being encouraged to, or required to participate in any religious activities whatsoever.”

Bring Your Bible to School Day

Thousands of students bring their Bibles to school on Bring Your Bible to School day. Photo credit: CBN News

Chan Kim, local parent and pastor, also said that he felt that the flyer was inappropriate. “It’ll cause problems, because where do you draw the line, where do you stop?”

Focus on the Family president Jim Daly, also organizer of the event, responded to critics and atheists who attacked the effort by questioning why they “fear” the sharing of ideas. “I think that there’s been so much intimidation in the culture toward people of faith — and particularly Christians. We thought this would be a good level-headed way to exercise a right that’s there.”

He continued that he was confused that so many were so angry about the simple act of children bringing their Bibles to school. He said that the education system used to use the Bible as a tool to teach children to read and write. It was also used to instruct on moral guidance.

Daily told TheBlaze on Friday that the event was started in 2014 to help young people share their faith. Last year 8,000 students voluntarily participated in the campaign. This year it is estimated that over 100,000 students participated across the country.


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