Anti-Muslim Protests Across the Country Fail to Get Off the Ground

Anti-Muslim protests taking place around the country this week had little support. Protesters in some areas arrived heavily armed, but counter-protesters of different faiths showed up to support Muslims.

A group calling themselves Global Rally for Humanity planned and promoted large protests at mosques around the U.S. Only a few of the protests had any significant attendance; most were very small crowds.

At some protests, protesters taunted Muslims with bacon. Muslims do not eat pork.

Global Rally for Humanity was founded by Jon Ritzheimer, a U.S. Marine. Independent observers deemed the protests the largest organized protest against Muslims in this country in history. Ritzheimer worked with anti-Muslim groups both inside and outside the country to organize the protests.

The Marine was recently interviewed by Anderson Cooper. He told Cooper that he speaks for all of humanity, which he says is attacked on a daily basis by Muslims. He says that Muslim extremists are not the only problem, that Muslims who follow the Quran literally are also a problem.

Interfaith counter-protesters showed up at the rallies in equally relative numbers. Some carried signs that read, “Islamophobia Kills.”

At one rally outside of a mosque in Columbus, Ohio, one lone woman showed up with signs with Islamophobic imagery, with one reading “Islam” inside a red circle with a line through it. Video shows mosque members and counter-protesters reaching out to her, offering dialogue and a tour of the mosque, to which she was resistant.

One of the mosque members eventually broke off from the crowd and embraced the protester in a hug. She was persuaded to go inside of the mosque where she was greeted by other members who applauded her. They took her on a tour, offered her food, and gave her a gift basket to take home with her. By the end of the encounter the protester said that she had changed her mind about Muslims.

Law enforcement had been alerted to the protests and were prepared to intervene in the case of violence, but, outside of a few small skirmishes, no such incidents took place.


Video: YouTube/The Young Turks

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