Aunt Who Sued Her 12-Year Old Nephew Breaks Her Silence

Jennifer Connell, an aunt from New York, who made news for suing her 12-year-old nephew for hugging her has broken her silence to explain to the world why.

Jennifer Connell claimed she had no choice but to sue her 12-year-old nephew because the insurance company claimed the boy had to be named in the lawsuit.

The woman who was branded as the “aunt from hell” on all major social media platforms has come forward to say she just wanted the 12-year-olds’ parents’ homeowner’s insurance to foot the bill for her medical expenses when her nephew accidentally broke her wrist when he jumped in her arms to greet her and give her a hug four years ago. By law, the only way she could sue the insurance to pay the medical bill was to sue an individual – in the case the nephew.

An individual has to be named, and in this case, because Sean and I had this fall together, I was informed that Sean had to be named. I was never comfortable with that,” Jennifer Connell said.

This past week the jury did reject the aunt’s lawsuit for $127,000.

The aunt claimed to have found the backlash from social media to be shocking. The backlash which included calling her a terrible aunt, an awful human being, and the most hated woman in the United States.

The nephew was quoted defending his aunt saying, “Everybody was saying stuff that they didn’t know.”


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