Typhoon Koppu Made Landfall in the Philippines

Typhoon Koppu has made landfall in the northern part of the Philippines early Sunday; and the country’s weather agency forecasts powerful winds that could last for three days.

Roughly 6,500 residents were evacuated and moved to a safer location before the typhoon made landfall.

The eye of Typhoon Koppu struck at 215 kilometers to the northeast of Manila in a remote coastal town called Casiguran at 4AM on Sunday morning. The state weather service reported wind gusts of up to 210 kilometers an hour.

Locals are reporting downed power pylons and trees in the Aurora province. Power is also reported to be out in the Isabela province as well as the Aurora province.

The Philippines Department of Education did announce the cancellation of classes in five different cities and provinces warning families to listen to evacuation orders and have emergency kits ready.

The Storm May Linger For Days

Officials fear that Typhoon Koppu could linger on the main island of Luzon for days. This island being home to nearly half of the 100 million people living in the country.

While the eye of Typhoon Koppu is not going to hit Manila, the capital, southern regions are being warned to be prepared for strong winds and possible wind damage.



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