Winter Comes Early, Snowfall Hits Midwest, Eastern States


An early snowfall came to parts of the Midwest through to the Eastern states over the weekend. From northern Michigan to New York state, several inches had fallen causing roads to be slippery.

In the New York cities of Mexico and Parish, they got up to nine inches of snow that accumulated by Monday morning, which resulted in more than 50 car accidents caused by slippery roadways. By Monday morning, temperatures also dipped down to around 10 degrees. This kind of weather is said to be expected in December rather than October.

A sharp blast of cold air began on Saturday and continued for most of the weekend. Freeze warnings were issued across Iowa and into Maine, according to the Weather Channel. Cold temps were also reported in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

In addition, parts of the upper peninsula of Michigan also got an early winter. Marquette had more than two inches of snow blanketing the fall leaves of autumn, as reported by ABC News.

The official start of winter isn’t until December 22. This early start to the long, cold season may have people worried that this is just the beginning of a bad winter. However, that may not be the case at all. According to MLive. the early signs of winter may actually mean that the cold air and snow may just leave the area and not come back much later in the season.

Photo by Pixabay.

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