Indianapolis Man Crashes Girlfriend’s Car, Sets Her Home On Fire, And Dances On The Roof

Indianapolis police responded to a bizarre situation at 10:35 AM where a man crashed his girlfriend’s car, set her home on fire, and danced on the roof.

Investigators later revealed that the 25 year old male, identified as Matthew Russ, stole his girlfriend’s car keys and crashed her car into a nearby utility pole. He immediately walked back to her house, went inside, and grabbed a knife. He sat outside on a chair in the front yard of the girlfriend’s house holding the knife until the police arrived.

When the police arrived, Russ ran back in the house with the knife. The girlfriend ran out of the house shortly after. Police believe that it was sometime after Russ ran back in the house that he sat the house on fire before climbing out a window onto the roof.

Russ proceeded to dance on the roof and ignore the police officers as they tried to talk him into getting off the roof. The police ended up shooting Russ with rubber bullets and tasing him in order to get him down. Once he was in custody, Indianapolis police transported him to the Eskenazi Hospital for treatment.

Initially, the police were concerned this was a hostage situation until the girlfriend ran out of the house and revealed Russ was alone in the home with the knife.

The girlfriend told reporters she wasn’t sure what was going through her boyfriend’s mind other than he wanted to end his life for a reason she did not understand. At this time, it is unclear what the police will be charging Russ with.


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