Ryan Air Tells Google – End Web Scraping Ads

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Scraping Data Aids Deceptive Advertising

Ryan Air Tells Google Stop Web Scraping Advertising

Ryan Air, the Irish budget airline, has told Google, they need help in solving a problem with complaints from Ryan Air customers. Ryan Air feels Google advertising standards provide aid to web scraping companies that allow them to pose as Ryan Air while engaging in deceptive sales practices.


Lack of Transparency Upsetting Customers

According to  Peter O’Dwyer of The Irish Examiner, Ryan Air wants Google  to stop helping scraper websites deceptively appear as if they are Ryan Air. Such advertisements are sold at higher rates and allow scraper websites prime ad placement. The ads, which copy Ryan Air prices and resell them without proper accuracy and customer service, harming the Ryan Air brand.


Ads by Air Fare Scraper Websites Source of Complaints

According to the Ryan Air Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs, customer complaints about scraper websites have reached an unacceptable level. Customers misled by such online ticket sales believe the seats they have purchased to have been direct from Ryan Air. The service provided by such websites is substandard, too often have excessively inflated rates, and have even been sold for flights or seating, that did not exist. In some cases, special needs requests for some disabled flying patrons have not been forwarded to Ryan Air. These type of complaints could result in safety, and liability, issues in the future.


Scraper Websites Claim Legitimacy As Travel Agents

Ryan Air claims it has been trying for ten years to stop these deceptive ticket sale operations. The majority of Ryan Air’s complaints have been short-circuited by scraper claims they are only taking advantage of the Google AdWords system. For this reason, Ryan Air is now bringing their complaints to Google itself.





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