Education is a “Civil Rights” Issue, According to Boehner


Boehner put out a weekly address this morning for the GOP and in it he opts to pivot the current party focus back to education. While it is a valid topic in all elections, it is one topic that the Democrats are playing with a lot more than the Republicans. However, Boehner’s focus on the subject seems a little odd with his key talking point that he is putting forth. He states that a new approach to fixing our inadequate schools, which happens to be The Civil Right of the 21st Century.

The address basically follows the lines that education should be a civil right of the 21st century. He went on to mention that a small group of Democrats and Republicans worked together to build a DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. The program is the only program in the United States that the government permits low-income families to choose the schools that will be best for their children.

You can listen to the weekly address here, or watch it below.

Of course, the program he is speaking of is the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program which only applies to the nation’s capital. Nonetheless, this is a winning subject for the GOP, which could be used nearly everywhere in the nation. The idea of school choice is one of the few places that could draw large numbers of Democratic voters away from their party.

It is fine for the Speaker to push for renewal of the program. However, the only argument against this is putting education as a civil right. To be honest, education is not a right, but it is a common necessary service, just like health care. If anything, it is more of a foundation than a civil right because the further you walk down the educational path, the more options open up. Some options will be better than others, but that is just how it works.

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