14-day-old baby dies after mother stabbed to death

baby dies, mother stabbed to death, South Carolina

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After her mother was stabbed to death and after the baby was emergency delivered, baby Miracle Frazier has died. Police say the mother of the baby, 26-year-old Malikia Frazier was found stabbed to death near Railroad Avenue and Graham Street in South Carolina. She suffered from multiple stab wounds and her baby, they named her Miracle because she survived the stabbing for 14 days, was emergency delivered.

According to a report by News 2 on Oct. 25, the boyfriend, 26-year-old Ricky Short is a suspect in the case and has been charged, so far, with murder, attempted murder of an unborn child, and possession of a weapon under commission during a violent crime. They say that since the baby has died now, they will be considering the baby’s death a homicide case as well.

According to Live 5 News, the coroner says Frazier died about an hour later after being taken to the hospital for multiple stab wounds. This was when hospital staff performed the emergency delivery of the baby. Baby Miracle was then placed in intensive care but died 14 days later.

The baby wasn’t even due yet and since being delivered as an emergency, she was four months premature. The family named her Miracle because she did survive for so long after her mother died. This happened on Oct. 10 but the baby just died Sunday, Oct. 25.

According to reports, the woman and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument. However, Short says that although they had gotten into an argument, someone else attacked her and it wasn’t him. He said he heard her scream when she was being attacked.

Her wounds were in her chest, neck, and abdomen.

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