50 pounds of marijuana delivered to wrong address in New Jersey

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50 ponds of marijuana delivered to wrong address. Credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/cannabis-marijuana-green-drug-weed-448661/

50 pounds of marijuana has been delivered to the wrong address in New Jersey. Apparently, the sender must have been high on his own product because he put the wrong address on the package. A package was delivered to someone else’s doorstep and they called and reported it to the police. When the police got the package, they opened it to see if there was a packing list available, which would have the name of the person who sent it. Once they opened the package, they found at least 50 pounds of marijuana packaged in separate baggies.

According to a report by Pix11.com on Oct. 23, the call to police from the person who received the package said the package had the right street name on it but the wrong name on it. Police posted about it on their Facebook page and have asked whoever owns it to come and claim it. In the meantime, they say they will be working with State, County, and Federal law enforcement agencies to find the proper owner of the package.

According to UPI.com, this happened in Hazlet Township and it is the Hazlet Township Police who are looking for the rightful owner.

Do you think the rightful owner of all of this marijuana will actually come forward to claim it? What do you think will happen to them if they do? What would you do if this much marijuana was delivered to your house? Sound off with your opinion in the comment section and let everyone know what you think about this.

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