More than 7,000 guns found in home in South Carolina

guns, drugs, ammunition, taxidermy mounts, South Carolina

More than 7,000 guns found in South Carolina home and warehouse. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Police have seized more than 7,000 guns from a home and warehouse in South Carolina. Not only this, but there were also taxidermy mounts as well as tons of ammunition and four wheelers, as well as more than 150 chainsaws were also found in the home and warehouse and seized by police. They are believed to be stolen from all over the neighborhood.

According to the Toronto Sun on Oct 24, the items found in the man’s home and warehouse filled up three tractor trailers. That is how many items were found. According to deputies, they had to stop counting because there was so much.

According to a report by OR Politics, investigators think the man, 51 year old Brent Nicholson, was just a hoarder. However, the neighbors are wondering if he had plans for all of those guns. Police say they will have 20 detectives going through the items starting Monday and that it will probably take months to go through everything.

Brent Nicholson, of Chesterfield County South Carolina, had been arrested previously on drug charges. The police came back to the home, this time with a subpoena. This is when they found everything.

Sheriff’s from neighboring counties, including Anson and Union, were invited to come and take a look at everything that was seized. Apparently, all of these items were stolen and they plan to find the rightful owners eventually and return everything to them.

Not only is the man facing charges for the previous drug charges but he will also be charged for all of the stolen property that was found in his home and in the warehouse.

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