25 Percent off Tuition Discount at Northeastern University

On Saturday, Northeastern University revealed a new discount to their tuition policy, parents and older siblings of an undergraduate can receive 25 percent off tuition, if they go to Northeastern graduate school.

The tuition program is one of a kind, according to the vice president for enrollment at Boston school, Sundar Kumarasamy. There is no other college in the country that offers discounts for parents to attend graduate school.


Kumarasamy states that they want to make sure parents also have lifelong learning opportunities. It is easier when the whole family is involved in the education choices.

The Northeastern program reveal is a big part of a trend within the higher education of colleges offering tuition discounts for family members attending the school at the same time.

Even though Kumarasamy states that Northeastern University is the first school to offer such a program, but several other colleges including Johnson and Wales University in Providence, R.I. and Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. offer tuition discounts if multiple family members attend the school at the same time. While other schools including Boston University and Emory University in Atlanta offer tuition discounts for the students who have parents that work for the school.

However, Northeastern’s new tuition policy will benefit parents who are thinking about heading back to school. The tuition policy includes on-campus and online grad problems.

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