Afghanistan Earthquake: Death Toll Rises To 130, 12 School Girls Killed In Stampede

130 people have been confirmed dead in various parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan, following the massive earthquake that occurred in northern Afghanistan today. A stampede at a school in Afghanistan killed 12 school girls.

Earthquake triggers landslides in Pakistan

Reports of damage and fatalities are coming in, with The Independent reporting over 800 injured. Landslides have been reported and filmed in Baltistan in northern Pakistan.

Photo: Ceiling slams into a car in Pakistan

A state of emergency has been declared in Pakistan where Rescue 1122 is on high-alert and on standby. Several buildings have collapsed, and communication lines disrupted for a long time. Spokespersons from Disaster Management Authority in Pakistan say that the death toll could go higher since remote areas are still out of connectivity.

Mass impulse running kills 12, injures 35

At least 12 girls were killed in a school in Takhar province of Afghanistan after the earthquake induced stampede. The same stampede and the subsequent falling of the school walls injured 35 more, reports NDTV.

Earthquake downgraded to M7.5, still significant

The USGS initially registered the earthquake as an M7.7 event. It was later revised to M7.5 after tallying up reports. The depth of the hypocenter was also revised from the initial 213km to 212.5km.

In 2005, Pakistan had witnessed an M7.6 earthquake in Kashmir, just 345km away from today’s earthquake. Occurring just 15km below the earth’s surface, it resulted in over 75,000 deaths. Today’s earthquake is believed to be significantly less destructive as it was focused at 212km beneath the earth.

The earthquake was a result of sudden stress release between the converging Indian plate and subducting Eurasian plate in a fault line that spreads from Myanmar in the east to Pakistan in the west. In April this year, an M7.8 earthquake, a result of thrust faulting in the same fault line some 1400km away, killed over 9,000 people and displaced more than 1 million in Nepal.

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