Controlling Your Weight in Winter


So winter is fast approaching and it’s raining outside, it’s dark, cold, windy and you’d rather stay tucked up indoors than venturing to the gym. Well, why not stay indoors and away from the elements and help lose weight by doing these two easy exercises:


Both of these exercises are brilliant for weight loss and each have their own benefits. Firstly, the Plank is vital for creating and maintaining core strength. Your core is incredibly important for health and well being and by carrying out the plank exercise on a daily basis, even if it’s for 20 seconds (it’s a hard exercise!), you’re automatically strengthening your core, increasing your metabolism, building lean muscle and therefore losing weight. Remember, muscle is vital for losing weight!

Burpees again center around your core but are more of a total body workout. Again, they’re hard, most exercises are, but they’re incredibly beneficial. More of a cardiovascular exercise, depending on the duration that you work over, the burpee is excellent at working your legs, bum, core, tummy,chest, arms and shoulders allowing you to burn fat and build lean muscle. Remember, breathing is just as important as the exercise itself, allowing you to work harder for longer by maintaining the oxygen levels to the muscles and lungs.

But if you enjoy being outside on those blustery snow days, there is some great exercise to be had. Skiing, Sledding, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, even snowball fights burn calories and cause weight loss so that if you pack in the holiday treats, you can keep your waistline from expanding. It’s all in how you do it!

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Information source: Michelle Harlow (health and nutrition expert)

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