Common Core Standards Rejected in Arizona

The Arizona Board of Education voted to dismiss Common Core, however, for the time being they will leave its standards in place. On Monday the board voted 6-2.

Diane Douglas, Superintendent of Public Instruction was present at the meeting and motioned for the vote. By dismissing Common Core, it’s just a part of her education proposal she revealed at the beginning of this month.

The topic was discussed by the board members for about 45 minutes before they voted. The board believes that they take great care of Arizona’s young pupils and this should be a very happy day for all of them. The board believes that their students are smart enough, collaborative enough, and engaged enough to control their own education.

This vote means that Arizona will not be a part of the federal education standard and has to develop the states own standards.

According to a statement from the Governor’s Office, “We recognize this vote was symbolic, but any action that moves us closer to repealing Common Core is a positive. The governor has made it clear that it’s time to replace Common Core with Arizona standards and wants to see the board proceed with its process.”

Nonetheless, there will not be any sudden changes as an outcome of the vote. However, the committee is already discussing what the new Arizona standards should be.

Douglas and the board have been at odds since February when she tried to fire the executive staff. Also, the board filed a lawsuit against Douglas to give remote computer access to the board examiners and to send internet traffic to their new site.  The lawsuit states that Douglas is breaking the law by not following board policies.

Stay tuned to The Daily Voice News for the latest updates on this story.

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