Why Can You Get a Free College Education in Germany, But Not in America?

Did you know Germany is immensely committed to higher education, that people residing in the country can get a free college degree? Even Americans residing in the country are also eligible for free college education.

On the other hand, the Cal State University (CSU) system may be seeing some changes to its tuition prices. A reversal of California’s 1960 education plan that was put into place to allow a tuition-free college for California students.

In Germany, the students have to pay registration fees each semester, which vary from campus to campus. However, the average is about 250 euros, which is equivalent to $273. That is less than $600 a year, which is nothing compared to CSU $5,472 yearly fees.

Here are four reasons why Germany, offers free tuition, while America continues to struggle with tuition:

  1. The public wants it

In all success stories wanting something usually drives you to stand up for what you believe in. This is the same concept. Of course, this does not mean the German politicians aren’t trying to get more money from students either.

In 2005, the country’s court reversed the law that banned tuition, which allowed states to decide whether or not they will charge for a college education. Over the next few years, 10 states decided to have tuition fees estimated at 500 Euros per semester.

Students still protest the semester fees, while voters still hold on the views that education is for the public future. In 2014, Germany declared their reversal on their ruling form 2005.

  1. Someone is paying

For starters, just because this isn’t a student to university relationship, does not mean there isn’t someone footing the bill. Taxes tend to be much higher in Germany than in the United States, which allows more of the ax money for education

Many German colleges don’t have extra amenities that the colleges in the States do. They choose to have the essential amenities.


  1. Used to paying for education

In Germany, there are a few selected private colleges. While in the U.S., there are over 60 percent of private colleges. The universities in Europe were founded thousands of years ago with the goal of educating the best students. All that means is a few people will receive a public education, so the government will pay the tab.

  1. Fewer Germans go to college

Even though college is free in Germany, there are still a few students who earn their degree. Only about 30 percent of Germans from 25-34 have a secondary education includes some vocational programs and academic degrees. While in the U.S. there is about 45 percent of 25-34 year who have a secondary education.


Image Source: http://sciencenordic.com/why-finland-and-norway-still-shun-university-tuition-fees-%E2%80%93-even-international-students


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