Low-Carb Diets ‘Slightly’ Better Than Low-Fat Diets for Weight Loss, Study Finds

low-carb diets

A Harvard study has found that low-carb diets are “slightly” better for weight loss, compared to low-fat diets. A total of 53 studies were used with more than 67,000 dieters to come to the conclusion.

The analysis found that those who opted for a low-fat diet were 2.5lbs heavier than those who followed a low-carb diet a year after dieting. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology published the study to show that following diets that do not involve as much pasta, potatoes or bread are more effective. The scientists did admit that low-fat diets are still better than the “usual diet” participants followed during the study. Scientists clarified that there was no evidence to support that calories from fat had any meaningful long-term effect to weight loss.

Doctors still recommend that a healthy, balanced diet that controls portion sizes are good for weight loss. Bingham’s Division of Preventive Medicine’s Dr. Deirdre Tobias said that it is important to “look beyond the ratios of calories from fat, carbs and protein” when looking at healthy eating patterns. It is time to look at ways to prevent weight gain and maintaining a healthy weight. Harvard Nutrition and Epidemiology professor Frank Hu agreed, saying that a variety of diets can help gain a meaningful weight loss.

Another diet considered lately has been low-sugar diets for weight loss. A study published in Obesity stated that lowering sugar intake could help to improve the health of children in just 10 days. It helps to reduce blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Diets that are high in sugar can lead to excess weight gain.


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Image: cocoparisienne / Pixabay

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