Pennsylvania Priest Builds Model of the Vatican Entirely Out of Legos

A Pennsylvania priest has reconstructed a model of the Vatican that is so fabulous that it is featured in the Franklin Institute Science Museum. Why so special? It is made entirely of Legos.

Father Bob Simon of the St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Moscow never anticipated the notoriety that his hobby would bring. He initially started building with Legos as a diversion from his many responsibilities at his busy parish. It has now morphed into a focus of prayer and a tool for evangelization on a national platform.

The “Lego Vatican” is a part of the Franklin’s “Vatican Splendors” exhibit. The display measures 14 x 6 feet and weighs roughly 100 pounds. The museum opened it to the public on Sept. 19 so that it would be available during Pope Francis’ visit to the city. It will remain open until Feb. 15.

The Reverend enthusiastically expressed his thoughts to the Catholic News Service.

“It’s a thrill. Never thought I would have something (I created) in a museum … and certainly never thought that my little Lego project that I did in an empty room in the rectory would attract a lot of attention from a lot of people.”

Simon initially began his project as an admission for a summer 2015 Lego show. It took him 10 months to complete it. The finished product attracted so much attention that it reached the curators at the Franklin, who requested that they be allowed to showcase it in honor of the Pope’s first U.S. visit.

Father Simon was afraid when the interview requests began rolling in that he would be viewed as some sort of “weirdo” because of his passion for the colorful building blocks. He has been gratified to see that all media coverage and public response to his hobby has been both respectful and positive.

He relates that his desire to become a priest began at the age of 5. He was ordained in 1990.

When asked about his next project, the priest confessed that he would like to build a Lego replica of the Sistine Chapel.



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