Portland Max Transit Train Flooded

October 31, 2015  – Breaking News – Scroll for Video

Portland Max Transit Train Flooded

Portland Max Transit TrainThe Portland Max Transit System has shut down the TriMet North/South Lines, Loop A and Loop B, replacing them with shuttle buses due to flash flooding in the area. The Portland area has been under a flash flood warning for several hours.

The size of the storms causing this alert has caused the combined sewer systems of several cities to overflow. This has caused the flooding and contaminated water is flowing into the Willamette River at this time. Sewage system blockage is suspected due to widespread backup of contaminated water.

The TriMet Operations center also reports the main Blue and Red lines are blocked due to high water under Morrison Bridge. Portland Environmental Service office has issued warnings for citizens to avoid contact with rivers from Sellwood Bridge to where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet at Kelley Point Park. The following video shows one of the Portland Max Transit Train Flooded trains.

YouTube Video – Portland Max Train Flooded


Metropolitan Area Express caught in flash flood amid heavy rain [email protected]_Reporter


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