Obesity Still on the Rise, Despite Raising Awareness About Eating Healthy

Obesity Still on the Rise, Despite Raising Awareness About Eating HealthyObesity is still on the rise, despite many raising awareness about healthy eating, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. It is on the rise in both the United States and United Kingdom.

Results from a survey released by the CDC show that the number of obese adults as risen from 34.9 percent to 37.7 percent since 2011-2012. There were approximately 5,000 participants in the survey. It highlighted the fact that women have overtaken men, with 38.3 percent obese compared to 34.3 percent of men. Obesity rates in children have also gone up from 16.9 to 17.2 in the same time period.

Obesity still on the rise

This is the first increase the U.S. has seen since 2004. From 1980 onwards, rates were increasing but started to level off in 2004. A number of people have tried to encourage lowering obesity rates, including First Lady Michelle Obama with her “Let’s Move” campaign.

In 2011, the United Kingdom reports that half of men would be obese by 2030. The Guardian said that it was a pandemic that needed to be stopped immediately. The Independent said that 26 million people would be obese by 2030. This would be a rise of 73 percent compared to the number at the time. Researchers said that the increase in obesity would mean that an extra £1.9-2 billion would be spent each year on medical costs for diseases that were linked to the weight issues.

Experts believe that medical providers need to change the way they approach the discussion of healthy eating and following a healthy lifestyle. University Hospitals Case Medical Center registered dietician Lisa Cimperman says that while people have removed certain products from their diets, they have not incorporated healthy foods. People have reduced their fat intake but increased their refined carbohydrate intake. These are just as bad as fat, and in some cases worse. There are now attempts to focus on holistic approaches to healthy eating, including eating unprocessed, fresh food.


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