Gatwick Airport Closed in Security Threat: North Terminal Closed to Passengers

Gatwick Airport Closed in Security ThreatGatwick Airport was closed at around 10am local time after a security threat. The North Terminal was closed to passengers after luggage was found with a suspicious package. A man has been arrested connected to the suspicious item.

Police were called at around 9:30am, with bomb disposal experts called afterwards. One eyewitness says there will be a controlled explosion. A passenger at the airport, Tim Unwin, said that the first floor of the terminal was originally closed. Check-in was moved to another floor, but then about 10 minutes later a full evacuation started.

Gatwick Airport Evacuated

Many in the UK are worried about terrorist attacks following from the devastating attacks in Paris on Friday night. The Lord Mayor’s Show has cancelled the fireworks planned. Instead, the Tower of London will be lit up in red, white and blue; the French colors. British Prime Minister David Cameron says that everyone “must be prepared for a number of British casualties.” The UK threat level will remain at “severe,” and he continued to say that Islamic State is “evolving” and it will mean a review of plans to tackle the terrorists. He made it very clear that he believes the UK faces the same threat as France, however strong people prepare. The public should “remain vigilant.”

Gatwick Closed After Security Threat

Sussex Police is handling the Gatwick Airport incident as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. The North Terminal was evacuated as a precaution, and the circumstances of the incident are being investigated. Flights are still arriving and departing, but travellers should check with their own airlines before going to the airport. Extra staff are at the airport to look after passengers, and the public has been asked to be aware of “anyone acting suspiciously.”

There is no confirmation when the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport will be opened again.


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