‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Theories: Ian McShane Says a Dead Character May Return Because of Him

Game of Thrones season six theoriesCaution: This article will contain some spoilers for those who have not yet watched season five and have not read the books.

There are many Game of Thrones season six theories and questions. Ian McShane has possibly answered one of them, by saying that a previously believed dead character may return because of him. The actor has been cast for one episode of the sixth season.

Fans have concentrated on theories surrounding Jon Snow during the break between seasons five and six, but that has not stopped some from spotting that another character may be making a return; a character who hasn’t been seen since the end of season four. Rory McCann has been spotted in Ireland, where much of Game of Thrones is filmed, sparking rumors that The Hound is returning.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Theories: Ian McShane Says a Dead Character May Return Because of HimThe Hound was never killed on screen. After a fight with Brienne, Arya decides that she is not going to mercifully kill him. She leaves him in the middle of nowhere, presuming that he bleeds out. Fans have never fully assumed that he is dead. After all, a character is not dead unless that is seen on the screen, and even then there are ways around it in the world of George R.R. Martin.

McShane says that during his only episode he will bring someone back from the dead. That would suggest The Hound has died, at least. In the books, Brienne is told that The Hound did die and was buried. That has not happened yet in the show, like various other scenes and conversations.

Other fans speculate that McShane was not talking about The Hound, but about Jon Snow. There are still debates over whether he will come back or not. Like McCann, Kit Harington, who plays Snow, has been spotted on the Game of Thrones set, in Winterfell clothing with the sword he only got at The Wall. That would suggest this is not a flashback, but confirms he will return. This is despite the showrunners confirming he is definitely dead. Most fans have speculated that Melisandre would bring Jon back from the dead, considering she got back to The Wall just before his death, but now some wonder whether McShane was saying he will bring back the character.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Theories: The Hound May Return

Another theory is that he will bring back Catelyn Stark. She was last seen in season three, and Game of Throne book fans were angry at the end of season four when she was not brought back from the dead. In the books, she comes back as Lady Stoneheart, after revenge for her family. Martin has previously said that he would like to see Lady Stoneheart introduced, but has not shared whether the showrunners will opt for her. The showrunners had previously defended their decision not to bring back the character because there was nothing for her to do after that for a while. They would only bring a character back if it made sense.

Season six of Game of Thrones will be the first season released before the book it is based on. Up until now, the show has followed the written works by Martin, although made some changes here and there. Fans want to know whether the show will now go in a different direction completely or will tell the rest of the story before Martin has a chance.


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