British Airways Passenger Detained After Trying to Open Emergency Door Mid-Flight

British Airways Passenger Detained After Trying to Open Emergency Door Mid-Flight

A British airways passenger was detained on Tuesday after trying to open the emergency door mid-flight. The plane was bound for Boston, and nobody was hurt. The police says there is no indication of terrorism in the female passenger’s actions.

The woman, about 30-years-old, was restrained by passengers. Flight crew then asked police to meet them upon landing, due to the unruly passenger. Flight 213 had left Heathrow Airport, London just before midday local time and arrived at Boston Logan International Airport. The FBI is currently responding to the incident.

Earlier police reports said that the woman had tried to open the door to the cockpit, but these were inaccurate. There is currently no indication why the woman tried to open the emergency exit door or how she was restrained. All Massachusetts State Police will says is that she was intoxicated.

Update November 18, 2015: The female passenger has now been named as 32-year-old Kamila Dolniak from Poland. British Airways described her as unruly and abusive, with fellow passengers believing that she had a vapor cigarette that she wanted to use in the bathroom. When she was told she could not, she became violent in her intoxicated state. The airline has defended its actions, saying that the flight crew deserve a safe and enjoyable place to work. Anti-social behavior is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Dolniak will remain in jail, after failing to post her $1,040 bail set on Tuesday. East Boston Court is expected to receive her for her arraignment on Wednesday.



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