Russia Plane Crash Was a Terror Act, Russian Officials Confirm

Russia Plane Crash Was a Terror Act, Russian Officials Confirm
Russian officials confirmed on Tuesday morning that the Russia plane crash last month was a terror act. Bomb elements were found at the scene of the wreckage, showing that a homemade bomb with possibly 1kg of TNT exploded the plane.

The Kremlin met late Monday night to discuss the investigation findings. While many western countries had agreed that it was a planted bomb explosion that ripped the plane apart, Russia had said it was waiting for the official investigation to finish before commenting. ISIS had already confirmed its part in the planting of the bomb, which killed all 224 passengers on the plane, most of them Russian.

Russia Plane Crash Was a Terror Act, Russian Officials Confirm

Head of the FSB, Russia’s security service, Alexander Bortnikov, traces of a foreign-made explosive device was found in the wreckage. It was on the plane and on personal belongings found among the remains. He told President Vladimir Putin that the plane broke up in the air and scattered the large distance due to the explosion. Putin ordered air strikes against Syrian to be intensified, said that this was the bloodiest attack in Russian history.

The news comes just days after Paris, Beruit and Baghdad were hit with terrorist attacks. France has since retaliated with its own air strikes against Syria, and ISIS has said that its terror attacks have not finished.

While the Paris gunmen and bombers have mostly been identified, those involved in the Russian bombing have not. Putin confirmed that Russia will continue to hunt for those responsible indefinitely. A $50m rewards is on offer by the FSB for anyone who helps to capture those involved in the terrorist attack.



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