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It’s the most popular first-person shooter franchise in the world, and Call of Duty now has its latest installment out for people to enjoy, called Black Ops 3. With both its campaign and legendary multiplayer modes, there are many things to cover with COD: Black Ops 3.

A definite strength of the game seems to be the narrative and now it shifts from various characters, all bound together by a character named Raul Menendez, a person some might call a villain but others may consider more of a questionable individual who has some motives others may agree with or at least sympathize with. The depth of the story and the decisions you make can also impact the outcome of your campaign significantly.

Another strength of course comes from the great multiplayer mode this game offers. Notably, the game has a Pick 10 system which help give countless combinations for customized classes that people can play with and fiddle around with again and again. Wild cards help create even more combinations of weapons or perks that might even defy regular restrictions on weapons or any other upgrades.

Other strengths include multi-team battles and the return of modes like Kill Confirmed and how lush and full most levels are for standard modes like Deathmatch.

One of the weaknesses of the game includes the AI. It’s not just the AI against you, which can infinitely respawn until you trigger a specific event in single-player mode, but also friendly AI. Friendly AI has terrible aim and you’ll wonder why you even want it around you at times.

Another small problem would be the Zombies mode. Black Ops 3 offers little if any explanation about how the mode is completed or even played, combined with the somewhat brutal onslaught of zombies might turn some people off to this specific mode.

As a whole, this game has everything COD fans will want from the Black Ops branch of this series. All the classic multiplayer modes are back and the Pick 10 system helps tweak player classes in ways that few people will be able to perfect for a very long time. It’s worth the pick up if you’re into the legendary FPS series.

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