Slovenia Erecting Fence to Control Refugees Crossing

Slovenia Erecting Fence to Control Refugees CrossingSlovenia started erecting a razor wire fence earlier this month to control refugees crossing into the country. The fence will sit on the border with Croatia, where many refugees are crossing to get to Austria and Germany.

The small country says it needs to control the number of refugees and migrants crossing. There are too many flowing through, as it offers a quicker route into other parts of Europe. It has not helped that Hungary erected its own border against Serbia earlier this year.

More than one million migrants are expected to enter Europe this year, which is the biggest influx since the Second World War. It is all due to the wars in various Middle Eastern states, including Afghanistan and Syria. Refugees are making dangerous crossings, and thousands have died in various ways including through drowning and suffocation. Europe is split on how to handle the crisis and whether to accept migrants or not. Hungary is against it as it says refugees are crossing through safe countries. People should claim asylum there first.

Slovenia Erecting Fence to Control Refugees Crossing

Slovenia has seen about 180,000 people entering the country since mid-October, crossing from Greece. Most are making their way to Austria and Germany, where they have been told they are welcome. However, it is causing issues for the small country and on November 11, Veliki Obrez received numerous trucks with wire fencing to start erecting the border. The idea of the fencing is not to stop refugees, but to direct them to certain points. It will help to control the situation considerably.

The European Union is debating its options, and set quotas were made for states to meet. The United Kingdom did not have to agree to these quotas as it is already out of the Schengen agreement. However, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were deeply against the quotas with some of the countries now saying they will not meet them after the Paris attacks last Friday, where 129 people were killed. Many fear that terrorists are passing through pretending to be refugees to get into the safer areas and cause disruption.

Slovenia fears that Austria will start restricting the number of migrants allowed to cross into the country. This would leave the small country with thousands of refugees that it cannot handle. Prime Minister Miro Cerar says that it would be a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

Nearly three quarters of a million refugees have entered Europe since the start of the crisis in the summer. Currently, 38 percent are believed to be from Syria, with the rest from other war-torn countries. Just 1.2 percent of the migrants that get to Greece will then reach Calais.



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