The Possibility of a Pretty Little Liars Movie is on the Horizon

Longtime fans of the ABC Family television series have been dreading the thought of the series coming to an end with the seventh season. Fortunately, chances are good it is not.

Marlene King has given the Pretty Little Liar fans hope that even if the series comes to a close with the seventh season, there will more than likely be a follow-up moving to provide the series with a better conclusion.

It was on Good Morning America’s 40 for 40 that Marlene King, the boss of all things related to Pretty Little Liars, spilled some secrets on what fans have to look forward to regarding the series and that there is a possibility of a movie in the future.

“We’ve got some really big ideas for a great PLL movie, but that won’t happen right after the series ends,” King shared on the live stream. “I think we’ll take a little break and let everybody go off and do a few things and hopefully we’ll come back together again and do something really special.” 

Even before the second half of the sixth season has debuted on air, there has been a lot of talk that the seventh season will be the last season of the show. A large portion of the talk that the season is coming to a close is coming directly from the cast of the television show.

“It’s only got a seventh season,” Troian Bellisario told E! News. “Yeah, that’s it, we’re done after this.” 

A large portion of the cast and producers of the series, including Marlene, have more of a “we will see” attitude to whether or not the seventh season is going to be the final season.


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