Israel Retaliates Against Hamas for Missile Attack

In response to rocket fire on southern Israel from Gaza Monday morning on November 23, Israel bombed a number of Hamas military targets later that day. Regardless of which organization fires missiles onto Israeli territory, Israel holds Hamas responsible.

The sirens warning Israelis and sending them into shelters were not sounded because radar instrumentation showed that the rockets would land in open fields. This is, in fact, what happened and nobody was injured nor was there property damage. An ISIS-inspired group claimed responsibility but since Hamas is in control of the Gaza government, Israel fired on Hamas military targets. Hamas spokespeople said that a training facility and other infrastructure were damaged by Israeli missiles.

In 2005, Israel pulled out of Gaza after having tried to reach an agreement with Hamas that would have seen the construction of a seaport, transportation between Gaza and the Palestinian controlled areas on the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), and other measures moving toward normalization of relations between Gaza and Israel. Hamas rejected the terms of the agreement, leaving Israel with no option but to pull out unilaterally. This meant, not only taking out all military bases, but also emptying the land of Jewish farms and small communities. While Israel destroyed houses and public buildings before leaving, they left greenhouses and agricultural infrastructure intact. These were subsequently destroyed by the Gazans rather than allowing those who had worked on Jewish farms and, therefore, could likely have built up profitable farming ventures, from taking advantage of the valuable property left behind.

A number of wars have taken place since 2005, most recently the month-long hostilities in July 2014. In spite of the ceasefire signed by Hamas and Israel, there have been over 20 rocket attacks against Israel originating from Gaza since January 2015 alone. Last week a rocket aimed at Israel was intercepted by the Iron Dome and residents heard the explosion. While these missiles do minimal damage and have caused almost no injuries, they can be regarded as a form of low-grade terror against the southern communities of Israel.




Feature Image Credit: By paffairs_sanfrancisco [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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