‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Teases Epic Battle With Iron Man

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Teases Epic Battle With Iron Man

There was a lot of hype around Captain America: Civil War, with fans knowing that Captain America would somehow face against Iron Man. The trailer, released on Tuesday, has teased the epic battle, without giving too much of the movie away.

Fans get to see that The Cap has to make the choice between two friends, and it is instantly clear which side he chooses. The third instalment of Captain America will pick up from where The Winter Soldier left off, with Bucky now being on the run, getting his memories back and realizing all the bad that he did. All Steve Rogers wants to do his help his old friend.

The problem is the government is against Captain America, saying that he could be viewed as a vigilante. Arrow and Batman fans will already know that is a bad name to have, but it does not stop The Cap from helping Buck. It leaves the government no choice but to bring Iron Man back in, with the Black Widow on his side to stop all hell breaking loose. Other characters from the Captain America and Avengers franchise also make an appearance, including Wanda Maximoff, played by Elisabeth Olsen, and Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie.

Captain America: Civil War trailer

There are some questionable scenes to keep fans guessing throughout the Captain America: Civil War trailer. At one point, Iron Man his on his knees, holding his friend War Machine. Is it possible that War Machine will be killed during the movie, forcing the epic battle between two friends. It certainly looks like the two end up with an unrecoverable friendship, when Captain America states that he is just trying to help a friend, and Iron Man says that he was once a friend.

While fans have been marvelling at the idea of Cap facing off against Tony Stark, many other focused on the vigilante comment. More importantly, they focused on the comments and brief visual mentions of the Sokovia Accords. The Accords were mentioned by Falcon at the end of Ant-Man, so it is no surprise that it has come up now for most Marvel fans. The question still remains what they are. Is this the new way for the government to control all those with superhero abilities?

Fans will have to wait until May 2016 for the third instalment of the Captain America franchise to see two superheroes pitted against each other, each with their own backup.


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