Moderate Aftershock Jolts Kathmandu

Nov 30, 2015 – Kathmandu

A moderate earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale rattled the Nepalese capital in the early morning today. The aftershock struck at 6:10 AM local time inside Kathmandu’s Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park.


The epicenter of the quake lies in the hills of Kathmandu Valley

Image: Screenshot from NSC

As the 419th significant aftershock of the 2015 April quake, the earthquake was felt strongly in all three districts inside Kathmandu Valley. Another aftershock of 3.0 Richters struck Kathmandu Valley’s Bhaktapur district on November 25. According to Nepal’s National Seismological Centre, as much as nine moderate aftershocks have been felt this month alone. A powerful 5.3M aftershock jolted the rupture zone around Kathmandu on Nov 19. It was the first M>5 event since August. No damages are reported.

Winter is coming, fuel and relief supplies aren’t

In the meantime, humanitarian organizations and relief agencies have been unable to provide supplies and aid to the earthquake-affected people since two months due to the unofficial trade embargo imposed by India. India has expressed disapproval with the new Nepalese constitution promulgated on Sep 23, saying it isn’t fair to the Madhesi people who are most close to the Indian culture. For more than two months, India has been controlling the amount of cargo imports even in the border points not affected by the protests of the agitating Madhesi parties.


People queuing their gas cylinders outside a gas dealer in Kathmandu hoping to get a refill

Photo: Nirmal Dulal, via Wikimedia Commons

With winter already knocking the doors, the population affected by the earthquake are not getting enough medical and relief supplies. The Nepalese government has been rationing the little fuel only to emergency and public vehicles. There is an acute shortage of cooking gas all over Nepal and lives are dependent on firewood and electric cookers.

International airlines flying to Nepal have already been urged to refuel at the nearby airports in India, while Nepal’s domestic airlines fly on the little fuel that is airlifted by Nepal Airlines. Meanwhile, the Nepalese government is set to have a meeting with the agitating Madhesi parties today.

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