Houston Couple Charged with Child Endangerment for Toddler Burned in Oven

On November, 17, 2015, Houston police were called to the home of Cornell Malone and Racqual Thompson due to the severe burns and death of Thompson’s 19-month-old daughter, J’zyra. The pair have been charged with four counts of child endangerment for the death of the toddler burned in oven and leaving children home unsupervised.

Just how does a 19-month-old toddler get inside an oven? Malone and Thompson had left J’zyra and three older children, two three-year olds and one five-year-old alone in their Angel Ridge apartment while the two adults went out for pizza and to visit Malone’s brother. When they returned home two hours later, the damage had been done.

The three older children were crying when the adults returned. Malone found the range tipped over on its side, with the over turned on “all the way.” When he righted the range, Malone found J’zyra under it, badly burned, dead.

One of the three-year-old children admitted to putting J’zyra into the oven.

It was a week before charges were brought against Malone and Thompson, now 8 months pregnant. The pair remain in jail with bond set at $36,000 for each of them and they’ll be represented by court-appointed attorneys for the child endangerment charges.

An acquaintance of Thompson and Malone, Jeremy Tilley, said the two had been bragging about not having been arrested in the days following J’zyra’s death, claiming they were going to get away with it because they weren’t home when the incident happened.

Thompson’s three older children were taken from the home by Child Protective Services through an emergency filing. J’zyra’s death was not the first complaint the agency had received on the mother. The father of the children, Frederick Price III, is reported to be seeking custody.

Malone’s family is now arguing that he should not be charged in the incident, citing Malone as a “good man” and that “everyone makes their own mistakes.”

Sources: Click2Houston.com

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